Mannequin with Replacement Lids
Mannequin with Replacement Lids
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Mannequin with Replacement Lids

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A realistic mannequin head with 3 pairs of replacement eyelids with lashes. The lashes imitate real client’s lashes because of multiple lash layers and lengths  


  • multiple layers of eyelashes that perfectly imitate a client’s natural lashes
  • creates a ‘real-life’ environment, giving you the next best thing to real-world experience! 
  • perfect for practicing working with layers, test out new lash maps and get to grips with isolation effectively 
  • amazing for any training academy to offer an extra practical part before working with real models
  • Can be used over and over again with proper and gentle lash removal techniques! Remember it is plastic and can be cut and damaged by improper care and mishandling.
  • NO REFUNDS on mannequin head once opened/used
  • Made of rubber and Silicone material
  • Features a flat head at the back for secure placement on surface

How to: Set-up your mannequin head on a level surface. Place a strip of practice lashes directly onto the mannequin to practice isolation and application techniques for both volume and classic lashing. Replace the eyelids whenever you want to start new!