Mink N' Matte 0.05 Volume - Mixed
Mink N' Matte 0.05 Volume - Mixed
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Mink N' Matte 0.05 Volume - Mixed

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Mink N' Matte 0.05 Volume Length Mixed Lash Tray

    One of the most matte, lash extensions, in the lash supplies market. These lash extensions are matte, extremely soft, flexible, and easy to remove off the lash strip. There is no gloss or incredible shine to these eyelash extensions.

    • Eco-Friendly Paper Box
    • Foiled Backing for easy removal, no left-over glue residue
    • 16 Lines of Lashes
    • Matte Black, no Blue hue
    • High Quality PBT Fiber
    • Made in Korea
    • Soft, Flexible, Light Weight

    Material: Korean High Quality PBT Fiber. Unbelievable soft and lightweight Korean Faux Mink Material.

    Available Styles

    Curl: B, C, CC, D

    • Length: 7-15mm
    • Lines: 7(1), 8(1), 9(2), 10 (2), 11(2), 12(3), 13(3), 14(1), 15 (1)