About Mish Esthetics

Hi Lash and Beauty Enthusiasts!

My name is Michelle, or you can call me Mish, and I am the Founder of Mish Esthetics. My beauty journey started back in October 2018 when I pursued being a licensed esthetician. At the moment, my focus is in lash extension and brow services. A few months into lashing, I immediately fell in love with the art of lash extension application along with owning and operating a premium lash extension supplies e-commerce business.

Michelle Sy - Mish Esthetics

Prior to leaving my full-time job as a preschool teacher, I was lashing part-time. Knowing that I wanted to give my passion 110%, there was no hesitation in leaving a secure job with great pay and benefits. In January 2020, I graduated from Tucson College of Beauty’s Esthetician Program in Tucson, Arizona. By March 2020, I officially became a licensed esthetician and started loving the beauty industry even more because of how much interest it sparked. Shortly after, I was introduced to the world of body & facial waxing and all things skin care related. Becoming an esthetician allowed me to offer more services on top of lash extensions and ombre powder brows. As of today, I offer a full-service menu that includes lash extensions, ombre powder brows (PMU), henna brow tint, brow & body waxing, and facials. The start of Mish Esthetics symbolized my journey in the beauty industry and I am proud of how far I’ve come within the past 3.5 years. With that said, I am happy to announce the launch of our first Mish Esthetics salon in Cerritos, California –just 30 minutes away from Los Angeles, CA.
A bit more about my background! I am Chinese-Vietnamese and grew up in Southern California, San Gabriel Valley (626 area). I obtained two Bachelor’s Degree: 1) Child Development and 2) Family Life Education. At this time, I am no longer pursuing early childhood education as a career, but I am still continuing as an educator. The beauty industry has given artists, like me, the opportunity to become an educator/ mentor –something I am forever grateful for. Not only this, but I also get to share my knowledge in business and inspire other lash artists to go after their goals. Sharing my passion with other artists and educating them on the art of lashing is truly a pleasure. 
My passion for retail and interest in e-commerce brings me back to when my middle school hosted a chocolate bar selling competition. I started off selling the chocolate bars outside of Target/ Walmart in San Gabriel Valley and somehow ended up in Beverly Hills because that’s where the “high paying clients” were located. At the age 11, I was already hustling and knew the steps to succeed in sales. With my hustle mentality, I was able to become one of the top sellers among 4 other students. This experience allowed me to win prizes I never thought I could afford at such a young age and helped mold me into the person I am today. The value of hard work and hustle was something I understood. With this understanding, I knew that having multiple sources of income was crucial and decided to start an e-commerce business. One year into my lashing career, I began developing essential lash extension tools and supplies for lash professionals. Our motto and mission, “Lash with Ease and Confidence” is what I want lash artists to experience with our supplies. The most rewarding part of owning a small business that supports artists is the feedback. The countless messages I continue to receive from lash artists reassure me of the impact my products have in their profession.
In the past three and a half years I have been operating Mish Esthetics as a one woman show. My roles included being the founder, service provider, artist, content creator, social media manager, brand developer, packer, shipper, inventory manager, product developer, photographer, editor, website developer, administrator, and CEO. If I can succeed in this industry while being pregnant and raising my baby girl, you can too! I have two kids now, a toddler, and a new born baby.