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Monochrome Collection

Your favorite tweezers now come in matte black and matte white options! picture features: our new Tweezer Case.

0.03 Mixed Mink N' Matte

0.03 Mixed Mink N' Matte

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Same Mink N' Matte Lashes, New Design, More lines!

 0.03 Mixed Lengths + Black Brown Option

40 lines of lashes. More lashes in a tray means you spend less money per lash box, that last Double the time in your lash cart/inventory!

Quality + Quantity combined. A bang for your lash buck.

Matte Black - synthetic, lash extensions. These lash extensions are matte, loose at the base, extremely soft, flexible, light weight, and easy to work with. The lash box is made to help remove lash strips out of the tray easily. There is no gloss or incredible shine to these eyelash extensions. 

These 0.03 are the best lashes for the pinching, flower bouquet, and flower cup method!

  • Eco-Friendly Paper Box
  • Foiled Backing for easy removal, no left-over glue residue
  • 40 Lines of Lashes
  • Loose Base, no glue residue
  • Matte Black, no Blue hue
  • High Quality PBT Fiber
  • Made in Korea
  • Soft, Flexible, Light Weight

Material: Korean High Quality PBT Fiber. Unbelievable soft and lightweight Korean Faux Mink Material. NOT REAL MINK 

OPTIONS Curls + Lengths

B, M, LC : 6-14mm

C, CC, D: 7-15mm

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m.i.l.f. Tweezer

Mish Esthetics offers lash & brow services, beginner and advanced lash courses, business mentoring, and premium quality lash supplies. We strive to help artists lash with ease and confidence

Our Mission is to enhance your confidence through education and beauty services. We provide high quality lash education and products, to simply help make lash artistry easier. We believe ongoing lash education and the right tools will increase lash artists' self-confidence in their lash knowledge and work.
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Caffeine Tweezer Collection

Beautiful colored tweezers inspired by Mish and her team’s addiction to caffeinated drinks! Matcha (dark green), Coffee (chocolate brown), Chai (nude brown), and Creamer (off white beige).
Lash Training

Mish Esthetics offers meticulously designed lash courses that cater to both beginners and advanced lash artists. Our comprehensive program encompasses a variety of class options, ranging from immersive one-day workshops to extensive two-day courses.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of accommodating your schedule, so our course dates are individually tailored. For further information or to express your interest in enrolling in a class led by our instructors, Mish or Cindy, kindly reach out to us via email.

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Coaching Call vis Zoom

Embarking on a 1:1 coaching call with me can be a transformative experience if you find yourself grappling with challenges in your lash and beauty business. By delving into your specific circumstances, I can offer invaluable insights, unique perspectives, and practical advice tailored to your needs. Drawing upon my extensive experience and diverse skill set, I can guide you through various aspects of your business, such as scaling operations, assembling a competent team, venturing into lash education, cultivating a loyal client base, implementing effective pricing strategies, and much more. This investment of $350 not only provides you with a dedicated session focused entirely on your business, but also grants you access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise that can propel your venture to new heights. Together, we can unravel the intricacies of your business and devise strategies that will enable you to achieve long-term success and fulfillment.

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Lash Training

Embarking on the journey of learning lash extensions with me offers a multitude of benefits that are sure to empower and equip you with the necessary skills. With a remarkable track record of 5 years of personal lash experience and 4 years of teaching expertise, I am committed to helping you lash with ease and confidence. My motto resonates deeply with my teaching philosophy: providing you with the right tools and knowledge to excel in this art form. I believe in creating an engaging and enjoyable learning environment, where you can thrive and explore your potential. Your success is my priority, and I genuinely care about your ongoing education and development in this field. Witnessing my students flourish financially and witnessing the positive impact I can have on their lives is a driving force behind my passion for teaching. By customizing training dates, we ensure that your learning experience aligns with your schedule and individual needs. So, join me on this exciting journey, and let's ignite your passion for lash extensions together.

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