Volume Student Testimonials

Volume Student Testimonials


"Michelle’s advanced volume course really helped me take my lashing skills and business to the next level. I came into the course only knowing how to fan on the strip, I also thought I wouldn’t like pinching. During the course though, Michelle showed me what an amazing technique pinching is. I loved learning pinching because of how simple and quick it was when you’re actually doing it correctly. Using her .03 lanes and 90s baby tweezers made pinching so effortless even though it was my first day trying it. My favorite parts of this workshop were how much I was able to learn in just a day and how hands on Michelle makes the class. She will help you adjust your fingers or tweezer is just the right way to make sure you have it down. This course also helped so much with my branding, editing, and content creation skills. I left the class confident in my volume and mega volume skills. Mish totally transformed my Instagram and lash sets after her class. I recommend this class to anyone trying to level up their skills+ lash business."

- Maliyah V  @madlovelash

Beginner Lash Basics Certified 8/20   Advanced Volume Certified 12/20


My first ever volume course I took was with Mish in May of 2020! After that class, my work improved so much! Like y’all, my books were full and I no longer could accept any new clients!! Like WHAT!! 
I knew I wanted to take an advanced volume course before the year ended and as I was searching for classes I figured why not with Mish again? I did ask myself if I should learn from another educator, but I took so much from my first class that I knew it would be worth it, and I was RIGHT! I took my advanced volume course with her in December 2020, just a little over 6 months from my first class and I must say.. I had no idea that Mish could share so much more knowledge with me! I truly was impressed by how much I took away from the class! From a new technique, talking about products, to branding and creating content.. I left there feeling like yesssss I’m so glad I came back for a 2nd go around! Truly, Mish is such a great educator and mentor.. ON GOING mentor might I add, that you will not regret taking any courses that she is involved in!!

- Erika A  @lashoutwitherikaa

Volume Certified 5/20   Mega Volume Certified 12/20


I took Mish’s advanced volume course to hone in on my weaknesses and become a better lash artist. I decided to have Mish be my trainer because her work and work ethic is something I admire as well as how truly knowledgeable she is when it comes to lash extensions! I most appreciated lash theory because a lot of what was taught can’t be easily found online. I also enjoyed practicing different fanning techniques. Picking fans up off the strip was something I’ve always struggled with, so Mish was able to really pinpoint what to fix, which immediately helped me lash with more ease. Not only did she help me improve my lash skills, but my editing skills too! I love how natural her edits look and I’m now able to implement that into my pictures. My confidence in lashing has grown immensely since my training. I would recommend it to anyone looking to go from a lash tech to a lash artist. Even after my training Mish still provides continuous support which I appreciate so much!

- GiGi A.  @auricartistry

Volume Certified 2/21


Taking Michelle’s Advanced Volume Course was probably one of the best investment I’ve ever made. I’ve been lashing for 1.5yrs now and there were some things I knew I needed to improve on. Michelle helped answered all the questions I could think of without even asking. The course was so in depth and very motivating. I literally wanted to lash and try new things by the end of the day. Michelle is super driven and you can tell how much she cares, not only to be an amazing lash artist but to help others become one too. My favorite part of the class is learning all the styles that’s suitable for every eye shape. The most challenging part was working on fanning and doing it correctly. I can totally see the difference on how I used to do OTS. Learning Michelle’s technique really helped speed my fanning.   Although it was a one day course for me, I did not feel rushed for one minute. It’s crazy how much I learned and got to improve in just one day. If you’re looking to take another course and have a great mentor, I highly highly recommend taking her training.

- Cherie N.  @cherie.beautyco

Volume Certified 2/21