Four Seasons Adhesive
Four Seasons Adhesive
Four Seasons Adhesive
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Four Seasons Adhesive

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Four Seasons Adhesive "works all year round, all four seasons."


  • Black Adhesive
  • 5ml
  • Low Viscosity (thin)
  • Low To No Fumes
  • Humidity: 30%-70%
  • Temperature:  68F-74F
  • Dry Time: 1-2 seconds (depends on your humidity)

One of the favorite's for Lash Artists all over the Nation. The formula has been tested by beginners artists to experienced artists. We've received excellent feedback on its performance and retention. It's workable in humidity level as low as 30% to the highest of 70%. The viscosity is low meaning there is room to play with how much to use.

Dry time of 1-2 seconds. Optional to use a Nanomister or use a Super Bonder after.