Lashivate Booster Serum

Lashivate Booster Serum
Lashivate Booster Serum

Lashivate Booster Serum

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This multi-purpose Lashivate booster serum is for synthetic lashes and natural lashes. This will boost your drying time whenever the humidity is low or when the client's lash surface is not working in your favor. 

When to use Lashivate:

  • When you're not in a suitable work environment, where your adhesive is just drying too slow, use Lashivate to boost your adhesive dry time. Apply a thin layer of Lashivate on the base of your lash strip, with a microfiber brush.
  • When you're frustrated with closed fans, use Lashivate to prevent it from wicking up the stem of the beautiful fans.
  • When it's taking long to crystalizing fans, use Lashivate to speed the dry time of the fans before placing lashes on the natural lashes. No more swiping fans with your fingers or edges of a ring to pre-make fans before a service.
  • When you want to create wet sets but your fans are still fluffy at the tip, Apply a light coat of our Lashivate booster serum base to mid way of the lash strips to help with closed fans, and spikes. Do not apply on tip of lash strips
  • When you need to open lash cuticles of super shiny and nonporous lashes for better and faster adhesive bonding



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