8D Narrow Promade Tile
8D Narrow Promade Tile
Mish Esthetics

8D Narrow Promade Tile

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Because you know we're all about that base, and lashing efficiently!

Create gorgeous high quality lash sets with our dark, promade fans. Promades help save time, reduce stress on tbe body and hands and are suitably used by lash artists of all experiences (beginners to advanced)

Mish customized this Tile of Promades to create lashing with promade volume fans a lot easier. The tile style, saves more time, and is a lot more convenient. No more pulling strips off the box and placing on a separate tile. Uncover the box, pick the fan off, and start lashing!

8D PROMADES (720 fans): 

  • 0.05 Diameter
  • 20 lines of mixed lengths 
  • Choose between C, CC, D curls
  • Short Mixed Tile - 7mm-12mm
  • Long Mixed Tile - 9mm-14mm
  • Narrow, Symmetrical, Balanced
  • 8D Tile has 720 fans


  • Handmade, Made of Korean PBT Fiber
  • Soft matte, super black finish, no shine
  • Heat Bonded, featherlight, tiny bases.
  • Snatched, Bundles Bases
  • Can be applied on top, side or bottom 
  • Minkn'Matte
  • Latex Free

How to Use: Remove cover, use tweezers to lift fans off the strip from the base, place to the side, pick up the fan, and start lashing!

Tip: Dip Entire Lash Stem into the Adhesive. Attach on bottom/under or on side of Natural Lashes for optimal retention. Because these are promade fans with heat bonded bases, you can't wrap with these bases, but you can still create bomb retention with using the adequate amount of glue for each natural lash you place the fan on.